Located in Surabaya, Indonesia, PT Suparma, Tbk is a leading paper manufacturer company which focused in providing reliable and high quality paper. We are dedicated to continuously improve inline as well as product innovation to meet customer and stakeholder’s expectation. Moving into a new era, PT Suparma, Tbk continue to be an Environmental-friendly company by utilizing recovered fibers for most of its products and certified for FSC® and ISO 14000.




As an environment-friendly paper mill that strives for the best, our goal is to continuously improve the quality of both our services and products inline with the expectation and requirement of our stakeholders and customers. In order to achieve it, we ensure our quality target is applied within every level of our company by performing periodical evaluation.



By applying Quality, Reliability, and Services as our corporate culture, we will compete in the global market by providing the suitable product range to the suitable customer base and geographical market.



As part of our business strategy, our management system has gained both national and international recognition. These management systems are Quality Management System, Environment Management System, Chain of Custody, and Verification of Timber Legality. Each of these systems are applied to accommodate the requirement of our stakeholders in increasing the performance of our company, measured by its quality achievement, good environmental management, and the use of materials that meets legality aspect.

Policies established as the basis of management system implementation are as follows:


As a producer of paper and chemicals company, we are committed in carrying out the best work process in accordance with the requirements of Quality Management System. Our company strives to:

  • Making quality, reliability, and service as an organizational culture
  • Continuously improving the implementation of quality management system inline with the requirement of our stakeholders, involving all employees
  • Ensuring quality and target goals are established and set at every organizational level with periodical evaluation


Acknowledging our responsibilities and the impact of our operational activities towards environment is a key for us to ensure that we will perform our best management practices as defined in the Environmental Management System.
In order to carry our responsibility, our company strives to:

  • Continuously improving the process of Environmental Management System, preventing and mitigating environmental pollution arising from company activities and providing adequate resources to actualize our responsibility goals
  • Complying with applied legislation and other requirements related to the environmental aspects of our company’s operational activities
  • Establishing environmental goals and targets, creating work programs to achieve it, and conduct periodic review to assess adequacy
  • Planning, training, and educating our employees and contractors to raise environmental, health, and safety awareness


We are a manufacturing company that produces tissue and paper using virgin pulp and waste paper as our raw material. We support FSC mission by producing FSC certified products.

Our commitments are:

  • Using pulp and recycled paper that meets FSC requirements as raw material
  • Complying with fundamental principles and basic rights at workplace according to the FSC Core Labour Requirements
  • Performing business practices that puts safety and health at work first


PT Suparma, Tbk is a leading paper manufacturer company which focused in providing reliable and high quality paper.


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