Bathroom Tissue

Our Bathroom Tissue is hygienic, soft and flushable. It is safe to use, even for sensitive skin. It is applicable for office, hotel, hospital, rest room, etc.

Facial Tissue

Our Facial Tissue is hygienic and soft, suitable for various activities. It is safe to use in every occasion and great for everyday use.

Napkin Tissue

Our Napkin Tissue is hygienic and soft, suitable for use in dining table. It is applicable for café or restaurant.

Cocktail Napkin


Dinner Napkin


Luncheon Napkin

Full Embossed,
Border Embossed,
Full Embossed Non-Border


Full Embossed,
Border Embossed


Full Embossed (¼ fold, ⅛ fold, off fold)
Dot Embossed (½ fold)

Carrier Tissue

Suparma Carrier Tissue is premium tissue product, which has high strength, high absorption and surely hygiene. It is usually used for sanitary napkin and diaper.

Hand Towel

Hand Towel

Suparma Hand Towel is strong and have high water absoption. It is easy to use for drying or wiping hands. It is applicable for hotel, restaurant, café, rest room, etc.

Hand Roll Towel

Suparma Hand Roll Towel is a multipurpose tissue that has high absorption of water and oil. It is applicable for hotel’s kitchen, restaurant, café, etc.

Industrial Roll Towel

Suparma Industrial Roll Towel is 2 ply towel for heavy usage in industry. It is strong and high absorption. It is easy to use for drying or wiping machines.

Clinical Roll Towel

Suparma Clinical Roll Towel is a hygienic, strong and durable paper towel. It is easy to use as a versatile disposable wiper. It is applicable for hospital.

Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel

Suparma Kitchen Towel is strong and have high oil absorption. It is easy to use for cleaning up spills, drying dishes, drying hands, holding hot plates and number of used all over the kitchen. It is applicable for kitchen, restaurant, café, etc.


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